Want to determine the validity of a legal claim, but worried about the time, cost, and complexity of litigation? How about having the matter decided by an expert who knows your sector and who you can trust to make the right call, on a fixed price basis?

CRC Israel understands the high cost of litigation, both financially and in terms of time, which is why our arbitration services are affordable and available to all businesses. Whether you need information about the arbitration process in Israel or general arbitration advice, our arbitrators can assist your business. 

 No matter the size of your business, you are likely to face a dispute at some point in your existence. Find out how our arbitration services can help your business by booking a free 15-minute lawyer consultation.

What is Arbitration?

Disputes can be managed in a variety of ways, from negotiation to mediation. As an alternative dispute resolution method, arbitration is one of the most formal, and, since it does not involve the courts, it is faster and more affordable. 

 To resolve the dispute, trained and neutral third parties, or arbitrators, are appointed by the parties. An arbitrator is chosen by the parties and is an expert in their industry. Arbitrators are appointed on a fixed-price basis, but one or both parties may incur other legal fees if they choose to hire lawyers to represent them.

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What expertise can CRC’s Arbitration Solicitors offer?

We are proud to offer professional arbitration services to small businesses in Israel at CRC Israel. Our lawyers and mediators can assist you in the following areas:

  • Incorporate arbitration clauses into contracts
  • Encourage the other party to accept Arbitration if it is not in the contract
  • Find a third party arbitrator who is accredited
  • Give arbitration advice on how best to prepare for the arbitration
  • Assist you in any arbitration meetings or hearings
  • Assist you with the presentation or defense of the claim by providing expert arbitration advice
  • Negotiate with the other side the best settlement for you

Best Arbitration Service Providers 

While no one enters into a contract anticipating a dispute, it is prudent to at least consider at the outset if arbitration is the best option for resolving disputes that may arise. 

Choosing the right dispute resolution process can be challenging. A CRC Israel team member can assist you. Using appropriate clauses in your contract will ensure that you know what to expect and do in a dispute.

The team has extensive experience overseeing all types of arbitrations if a dispute is governed by an arbitration clause. Whether it is a small issue dispute or a highly complex cross-border dispute, we offer advice to either individuals or companies, and we work with and against some of the most experienced barristers and law firms in Israel. 

You will have the best chance of resolving your dispute through our arbitration services. To discuss how our arbitration lawyers can help you and your business get the best result, please contact us today.