Bringing the parties to a new or revised agreement, with the assistance of the most highly regarded experts in their field. The expert will examine the relationship with all its complexities, and will assist towards drafting the new agreement between the parties, both towards achieving the resolution as well as towards reorganizing the relationship of the parties (always within the spirit of reaching the most amicable scenario within the relevant business).


Reaching an agreed solution through qualified and leading mediators.


Resolving the dispute through a qualified arbitrator, who will be selected by agreement of the parties. In addition, the Center allows the arbitrator's judgment to be appealed automatically and promptly by either party, to another arbitrator, a single judge, or to the composition of the Supreme Court justices and other retired judges.

Emergency Arbitration

The center provides an "Emergency Arbitration" mechanism for dealing with urgent issues, such as a need for urgent remedies in the financial, banking and corporate sectors. The Center will appoint Emergency Arbitrators, including senior Judges, who will attend to such cases.