About Us

National cooperation of more than 30 leading organizations in Israel led to the establishment of the Israeli Center for Mediation and Arbitration by retired senior judges and leading experts.

The Israeli Center for Mediation and Arbitration provides an effective and quick alternative to disputes outside the court.

Due to an unprecedented overflow of court cases, further intensified by the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the necessity of the Center is especially relevant today, more than ever before.

In addition to the typical mechanisms used in mediation and arbitration, the Center strives towards bringing the parties to a mutual understanding and a revised agreement. The Center’s belief in using the best experts within the industry of the dispute in question, as mediators and arbitrators, will no doubt contribute greatly towards achieving this end.

The expert will examine the relationship with all its complexities and will assist in drafting the new agreement between the parties, both towards achieving the resolution as well as towards reorganizing the relationship of the parties (always within the spirit of reaching the most amicable scenario within the relevant business).

The Center will choose the route (in cooperation with the parties), which is the fastest and most efficient, towards minimizing damages, enabling the parties to continue with their lives and businesses successfully and as fast as possible.

The Center’s team of professionals consists of senior retired judges and experienced professionals in the fields of law, economics, business, crisis management and negotiation. The Center’s activities are carried out with strict adherence to mediation and arbitrary ethics, and all proceedings are guaranteed to be carried out and executed confidentially.

Managing the procedure at the Center allows the parties to reduce the unpleasant and unnecessary prolonged court proceedings and monitory damages involved in filing a court case, and instead, reach a resolution efficiently, quickly, and at costs that are reasonable and unprecedented.

Effective Conflict Resolution – Now, More Than Ever!